Food Buzz — Food social network

Browsing foodie links you can’t help but hit Food Buzz — the social network all about food, restaurants, cooking, and of course recipes.  This is a very well done social network where you can link in your favorite recipes, search for recipes, review restaurants, and find like-minded friends.    I especially like how Dork Chow automatically IS my blog on Food Buzz — they don’t give you some lame little zero feature bloglet like on stumbleupon or ning.

About a week after I joined, Food Buzz contacted me and made me a “featured publisher,” which means I get a badge and a skyscraper ad CPM ad down my right sidebar.  I insisted on the ads not showing any chunks of dead animals, and who knows, I might earn $5 a month or so.

Now that I’ve told you about Food Buzz, rather than blather on, I recommend you check it out and see it for yourself. Oh, yes, and while you’re there buzz me — I’m dorkage!

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