Dork Chow: Natural Organic PR 4!

Google LUVI know blogs are supposed to be about YOU and not about the blogger (ME),  unless you’re popular and then you can drivel endlessly and vapidly about the wedgie you got last night while drinking beer  or how horrible it is when your crotch goes to sleep.   But today, it’s about ME, or more precisely, this blog.   I have no idea how this happened, but (are you ready for it?)
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Dork Chow hit Google Page Rank 4!

If you’ve been living in a van by the river for the last 5 years maybe I need to elaborate that the Page Rank is how “good” Google thinks your site is, and popularity is but one variable. I didn’t pull any devious SEO tricks, only the obvious upfront and honest stuff. Maybe being totally original, honest, and passionate actually does count for something. It’s easy to get cynical and start to believe that only those who write at crotch level or below get PR.

Don’t believe me?  Press the button!

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Don’t believe the button? OK, OK, I’m totally capable of writing a hack to simulate fake PR4 (or better) results –hmmmmm….. maybe that would be a nice project for especially people with PR 0 and which included me up until just recently– but this is the real thing baby, check it out at or your favorite page rank checker.


39 Responses to “Dork Chow: Natural Organic PR 4!”

  • Congrats!!! I can only hope my blog will be that cool someday 🙂 lol!
    Its wonderful finding out you are more popular or read more often than originally thought.
    Anyways, congrats again…

  • Thanks for your comment! You can share my virtual toast, it’s kind of wanky to toast yourself alone. PR is obviously more than just hit count. The weird thing is the blog still does not get *that* many hits according to google. But I think it must of got a few potent new backlinks. And it seems that food blogs are like porn in that even though there’s more and more of them they are just sort of popular anyway, also people who collect recipes also seem to like to collect links.

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