No fail Blackberry Cobbler

Picture a mile long lane lined on both sides with the juiciest blackberries you have ever seen, in profusion, on a sunny but comfortable August morning. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and you and your faithful canine companion are harvesting God’s gift to the Pacific Northwest, Himalayan blackberries. An invasive exotic treated as a weed by the natives, don’t try to grow these in your backyard unless you want it completely full of brambles in a year and complaints from your neighbors. Picking goes slow, because you either squish, drop, eat, or reject at least half the berries you touch. Pick them when they are soft but not dried up or squishy. Beware of stink bugs and thistledown that sticks to your berries. But mmmmm….. are they worth it! We chip off chunks of frozen blackberry for smoothies too.

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