Free Red Amaranth Salad Seeds for you

Mature Red Amaranth Last spring I posted about delicious and nutritious salad built from young red amaranth leaves. Well now I have tons of showy red fully mature plants loaded with tiny shiny black seeds. And I will give seeds to anyone free for the asking. If you want some, post a comment here asking for some. That will expose your email to me and I will email you where to send your Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

The amaranth plants aren’t quite dry enough to harvest yet, but they should be in another two weeks or so. By the way, they also look terrific as the center of a fall flower arrangement. Just in case I didn’t make myself clear in the other post, these things grow beautifully in many soils and conditions. They like full sun and they need a bit of water, just a bit. They are easy to get rid of if you find them coming up where you don’t want them. Hard times are coming; this is a starter kit for a lifetime supply of free salad that’s very very healthy!

I do not wish to publish my physical address in a public blog, even a business address — I’m sure you understand. One of my blogging buddies was recently tracked down and stalked by some crazy who drove 300 miles to meet her and potentially kill her because of something she posted on a forum. Creepy, huh! Luckily she alerted the police and he was arrested immediately and she is OK.

635 Responses to “Free Red Amaranth Salad Seeds for you”

  • Ooo oo! Pick me pick me! I’ve been dying to try some of this and I see the grains at Sprouts, but I don’t believe you can plant them… I believe they are native to Arizona, but I can’t find any! last blog post..Farewell to Summer

  • Ruby Fandrich:

    I would love to try to grow some.
    Thank you.

  • mary ann:

    I would love some seeds to grow!

  • Ruby Fandrich:

    Thank you so much. I just received my seeds yesterday and I couldn’t belive how many there were. It is really nice to see people willing to share. I have a different type of Amaranth. If you would like some of them, I will send you some of mine. Just let me know.
    Thanks again sooo much.

  • admin:

    Hi Ruby, Please let me know how you get on with those seeds. I am not sure whether it is better to plant them now or wait until spring. I have done both ways. Planting them now just means letting current crop go to seed and the seeds fall in the dirt and hang out all winter. I will be going to Australia next year so won’t be looking for anything new to plant this spring, but thanks for the offer.