Serendipity Shaggy Mane mushrooms

Shaggy Mane MushroomShaggy Mane Mushroom

Cool thing! I was running in MacDonald Forest near the old growth trailhead and I spotted some fresh young shaggy mane mushrooms popping  right up directly on the gravel road!  That is so typical for shaggy manes — they can push up through concrete and then they are the most fragile thing in the world.  Of course I didn’t have the camera along on a run!  My guys didn’t even survive the trip home in one piece — I had knotted them in a corner of my hoodie and I dropped it and they shattered into several wedges each — complete with inky black gills on the inside.  Curses!  Camera is not here,   It is #2 son’s birthday this weekend and I loaned him the camera to shoot fall foliage, so I had to snag a shot off the web.   My mycologist neighbor confirmed that they were actually shaggy manes and not something ghastly like Death Angel, (amanita)  and so I sauteed them up with garlic and onion.       With such black gills the sautee has kind of a greyish juice, (somehow not as appetizing to look at as brown) but the flavor is delicious.

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  • How interesting! I would love to eat wild mushrooms but not much grows in the desert here except false puffballs and other tough skinned specimens that dry out far too quickly to find in good condition. (and I don’t know if any of them are even edible) last blog post..Gourmet. Comfort. Food. (and some new plates)

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    I always get such a charge out of foraging, even urban foraging where I just raid fruit trees (like my neighbor’s blue plum) that aren’t being harvested. October is morel and chantarelle season too but haven’t seen any of those, and even if I did one has to be careful because, although they don’t actually own the land, the professional harvesters are very territorial and can be quite nasty to outsiders. But I have never seen shaggymanes for sale commercially — they are much too fragile, kinda like thimbleberries.

  • Very interesting. I hope one day I can live in an area that I can do that… right now its nopal and well… amaranth… it grows native here actually… and I don’t have the time to go get it, that’s why I want some of your seeds for my backyard! (Sorry it’s taken me so long btw, I’m just awful about mailing stuff- do everything online because of it).
    Thanks for the compliments on my plate! So far everyone thinks its batman, I could swear there are funky letters written around it, but, if I can get over that aspect, it makes all the food I’ve used it for look fabulous. I guess its the black and white combo that makes the colors of the food pop. last blog post..Gourmet. Comfort. Food. (and some new plates)

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    Nopal is very healthy if you’re, ahem…. man enough to slice the spikes off of it. We used to eat a lot of it in Mexico during Lent. Wash the slime off good and cook it with a good tomato based sauce kinda like Okra.

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