Wolf-Fart Puffballs are edible!

Wolf Fart Puffballs

Wolf Fart Puffballs

While running today I found two more rather dilapidated shaggymanes (see my earlier posting on this) and a whole bunch of what I believe to be nice young lycoperdon pyriforme or wolf-fart puffballs.    They smell good, though not so good as the shaggymanes.  These guys are definitely on the way to developing a hole on the top, so that would tend to rule out turning into an Amanita.   I cut one in two and it’s pure white like it’s supposed to be.   The nasty earthballs or poison pigskins that superficially resemble lycoperdon are black in the middle.  They say you’d probably not die of eating an earthball, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat it because it’s  pretty unpalatable.   Of course there’s always the dreaded Amanita which you have to think about when gathering any light-colored ‘shroom.  Amanita’s poison is incredibly lethal, but tasteless. Apparently they smell and taste appetizing,  but according to this website a young amanita ball would have an evil mushroom form embedded inside it, like the alien embeds itself in its human host before bursting forth killing its host.

For years wolf-fart puffballs have been eaten–the latest is that they may contain a substance that could be vaguely toxic if they were ingested habitually. The guide also notes that some people have unpleasant digestive effects from the skin. I’m hoping whatever toxic stuff they might have is in the “skin” and so I scrubbed it off. I only eat these about twice a year. I sauteed some and dried the rest because I really did gather quite a big pile. The sauteed ones are going in an omelette along with peppers, green onions, goat cheese, and maybe black olives. If you wish to dry these, please note that they dry VERY QUICKLY, under an hour.

My nascent foraging skills are going to be critically useful soon if the economy continues along it’s current path.

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