FREE ECookbook Limited Time

All the dorky sustainable and healthy recipes we’ve published on this blog from the get-go plus a few bonus ones we never got around to blogging are now coagulated into a handy dandy PDF and you can get it FREE for a limited time.    (See, now if you were a subscriber you would have been notified.)  After 31 Dec, we will, like every patriotic American, shed this seasonal goodwill  and recall that we also have to eat. And so we did. If you want the cookbook now you will have to blog a recipe on the blog. This doesn’t mean comment or email me a recipe for me to blog. This means you become an author on the blog, read the about page and blog your recipe according to our protocols. There is a glut of recipes. Blogging is a lot about presentation.

The food dork wants to wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009!

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