Genovese Pesto

This recipe has been in our family since we got married. I never tasted pesto until I was 25 years old. Once I had it once I felt cheated that I had never had it growing up. But in the midwestern US when I was a kid some (no make that all) of the major ingredients were not readily available. We couldn’t even get fresh garlic, never mind good olive oil, or (God forbid!) basil or pine nuts. Growing up, we had parsley, foul tasting olive oil that mom was afraid to cook with, and salt and pepper. Oh well, we make up for lost time. Every August we call one of the local organic farms the day before the farmers market and order it by the pound. We then make and freeze 16 – 24 batches of pesto for the year. That’s enough to have pesto a couple times a month — we don’t always use a full batch for my smaller partially empty nest family.

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