Holy Moses Molly O’Neill found me

This post is for everybody, but especially my Foodbuzz friends. Please read it to the end.

Today I am totally blown away! Here I am this little unknown food blogger ranting on to mostly myself and a few local friends so I can glom the recipes into a nice PDF to give to friends for Christmas and suddenly this person called Adina Genn leaves a comment on my pozole recipe and says she wants to phone interview me about it and and its attendant mole recipe on behalf of the legendery Molly O’Neill.

Frankly I didn’t believe it, I figured it was going to be some kind of scam B.S. and they would end up wanting money for some damn thing, but I decided to do it anyway, because I am totally scamproof. Well, kids, it was totally not a scam. Adina phoned me from New York this afternoon and interviewed me for real for well over an hour. She is an awesome interviewer. It felt like I was just chatting with a friend. She now has information about me that most of my friends don’t know. As soon as it was over I immediately googled Molly O’Neill and realized that she has been a major foodie on the east coast for ages, but not being in that circle, or that geography, and being pretty bad at names anyway it took a while for it to sink in.

Anyway, foodie friends, both Foodbuzz and otherwise: Adina is looking to interview someone with a cucumber recipe and also someone with a yogurt-based dressing. I have recipes for both of the above but I’d rather spread the love around. If you have either of these, comment and I’ll connect you. The more unknown your blog is the better, as I have this strong preference for underdogs.

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