My KeyIngredient Cookbook

Want to preview our dorkness before it gets blogged? My recipe online collection is at Key Ingredient, and I simply embed their recipe widgets in the blog. I have blog posts queued up, and also a backlog of recipes I haven’t even queued in the blog yet. Often a recipe will be on Key Ingredient for weeks before it gets blogged. I like how their tabbed format makes excellent use of the real estate, and I like how they automatically format the recipe in a consistent format. (Of course, in case Key Ingredient ever goes away, I have backup copies of all my recipes.)

The thing I like best about Key Ingredient, and interestingly enough, is used only by a few of their members, is the ability to embed a photo in the recipe. Food is a sensual experience involving all the senses. How it sounds when you crunch it, how it feels in your mouth, the savory aroma, and the subtle taste and how it looks combine to form the overall experience. I can’t transmit how my recipes taste or smell over the internet but I can give you a visual. Presentation is a huge part of the food experience, as evidenced by the food porn sites such as foodgawker. I am not the world’s most awesome photographer, but my amateurish snaps should at least give you a visual impression of the food. Anyway, you can view my entire and growing online cookbook without joining. But if you do join you can do a lot more things, and it’s very quick and easy and they are not giving me any prize or incentive so don’t worry about me possibly “getting” something if you join. That would truly be the pits wouldn’t it!

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