Mysterious apparition in my kitchen


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The other day I was eavesdropping on a twitter conversation between toonlet and captaincursor where they referred to tortillas and molds and I read fast and thought they were talking about tortilla molds (AKA tortilla presses or tortilleros) or maybe molds that grow on tortillas (which can come in brilliant pinks and greens if you leave the tortilla in a dark damp place long enough.) Such is the power of suggestion!

Sure enough, when I took out my tortilla press, something totally surreal happened! I tried to immortalize it with a toon of my own, but I knew all you shrewd skeptics would only believe photographic evidence. Thanks to the magic of digital photography, we were able to document the apparition! Do not read any more unless you have excellent bladder control!

Hey, I warned you not to lose your grip on your sphincters when you viewed this. Yes, I have actually captured the image of a face appearing in my tortilla press. I assure you that no photoshopping of any kind has taken place. The apparition of Guadalupe had indigenous features like Mr. Diego, the gentleman who saw her. Since she appeared to me, it makes every bit of sense that this image resembles my people. She didn’t really tell me if she was a virgin or not, and to be honest, I don’t care. It was a fleeting momentary thing.

It has been revealed to me that I must further elaborate my little shrine to this momentous event and make it open to the public, complete with parking lots, souvenirs, and all the rest of it. I can already tell I’m going to have hassles with the local ordinances and zoning laws. But I believe that if it needs to happen, it will

Stay tuned for my next project: Getting an image of Britney Spears (who is definitely not a virgin, but who is worshipped by many nonetheless) to appear in a moldy tortilla.

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