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Vegetable Orchestra Video

Heheh. This combines my love of music with my love of vegetables. What a hoot. Literally.

Mysterious apparition in my kitchen


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The other day I was eavesdropping on a twitter conversation between toonlet and captaincursor where they referred to tortillas and molds and I read fast and thought they were talking about tortilla molds (AKA tortilla presses or tortilleros) or maybe molds that grow on tortillas (which can come in brilliant pinks and greens if you leave the tortilla in a dark damp place long enough.) Such is the power of suggestion!

Sure enough, when I took out my tortilla press, something totally surreal happened! I tried to immortalize it with a toon of my own, but I knew all you shrewd skeptics would only believe photographic evidence. Thanks to the magic of digital photography, we were able to document the apparition! Do not read any more unless you have excellent bladder control!

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Supermarket nightmare exposed

Truth in labelling

This cartoon comes from Natural News and if you go there there are tons more where this one came from. It is used with permission under the professional courtesy guidelines posted on the site. Read the author’s original commentary.

This is sort of how I think when I walk down the aisles of a typical supermarket.   These perceptions are reinforced by seeing so many grotesquely and obviously unhealthy people walking around with misery and suffering apparent   (the movie “I am Legend” comes to mind.)  I think it is so commonplace that we are immune to it.  So many, many health and emotional problems could be attenuated if people just ate a little healthier.  I’m not saying everybody has to go out instantly and become an all natural forager, and I confess to eating cheesecake once in a while.   But honestly when I see those sad and unhealthy creatures loading up on diet pepsi sometimes I just want to shove a cucumber in their gob.

On digital abundance…

he web is my platform; I shall never lack.
She maketh me to surf abundant (though often vapid) content;
She leadeth me to streaming media; she restoreth my cache.
She guideth me in the path of abiding by the TOS for my conscience’s sake.
Yea, though I tread a fine line of legality I will fear no lawsuits for my poverty and my five wits are with me.
Thy large redundant data warehouses and distributed availability comfort me.
Thou preparest a bounty of digital goodies for me in the presence of corporate lawyers.
Thou annointest my blog with widgets; but my hard drive stayeth small.
Surely twitters and readers shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell with Scoble in the house of the rich bloggers forever.