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Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

At this writing one of my daughters is dating a very nice young man who happens to be a vegan and who also happens to love baking. He shared this recipe with us when he was here visiting. Everyone in our household, vegan or not, enjoyed this yummy dessert!

Zucchini Rice from Manjula

Here is an easy and tasty way to use those zucchinis that are piling up around August and September.
The video is courtesy of The modification I made to the recipe was to make it vegan by substituting Promise for the butter.

Parsley Dog Cookies


Parsley Dog Breath Cookies

These are meant to cure doggie bad breath. Forget those …

See Parsley Dog Breath Cookies on Key Ingredient.

My dog is a sweet heart so I decided to make her some home made treats, and maybe cut down a little on her doggie halitosis.
Dog Cookie Dough
Dog Eats Cookie

Ten Rivers Food Web Local Cookoff

My mystery raw foods friend X and I (see Raw Foods Extravaganza) entered the Ten Rivers Food Web Local Cookoff on 5 October, 2008. We used a slightly modified version of the previously published fennel beet carrot slaw recipe.

  • The carrots and beets came from my back yard.
  • The fennel came from the Spring Hill farms booth at the Oct 4 Corvallis Farmer’s Market.
  • The honey (substituted for the agave) was also local.
  • We used lime instead of lemon, and that was probably not so good in this case.
  • Ginger: Well, if you place a ginger root in a pot of sand and keep it watered it will grow new shoots. Is that local?
  • We used shoyu for the soy sauce, which probably didn’t make any difference.
  • We used combo sunflower oil.

Post mortem:  We made this salad right before the event so the produce would be at its freshest, and also we wanted it freshly made so the carrots and fennel wouldn’t be stained totally red.  However, this salad really tastes better if you let the veggies marinate a bit.  Sooooo….. the next time, we will keep the fennel, carrots and beets separate, but marinate them each for an hour, THEN mix them all together at the end.  This will be the best of both worlds.
Here is the slideshow of the event:

And just for fun, here is the version of this event.

Free Red Amaranth Salad Seeds for you

Mature Red Amaranth Last spring I posted about delicious and nutritious salad built from young red amaranth leaves. Well now I have tons of showy red fully mature plants loaded with tiny shiny black seeds. And I will give seeds to anyone free for the asking. If you want some, post a comment here asking for some. That will expose your email to me and I will email you where to send your Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

The amaranth plants aren’t quite dry enough to harvest yet, but they should be in another two weeks or so. By the way, they also look terrific as the center of a fall flower arrangement. Just in case I didn’t make myself clear in the other post, these things grow beautifully in many soils and conditions. They like full sun and they need a bit of water, just a bit. They are easy to get rid of if you find them coming up where you don’t want them. Hard times are coming; this is a starter kit for a lifetime supply of free salad that’s very very healthy!

I do not wish to publish my physical address in a public blog, even a business address — I’m sure you understand. One of my blogging buddies was recently tracked down and stalked by some crazy who drove 300 miles to meet her and potentially kill her because of something she posted on a forum. Creepy, huh! Luckily she alerted the police and he was arrested immediately and she is OK.

Dried Plums AKA Prunes

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My neighbor’s plum tree just gave me a gift. For dried plums firm-fleshed fruits with a stone that dislodges easily work the best. They are sometimes called prunes, even though to me “prune” implies a plum that has been dried. Find the “seam” of the plum and slice in half lengthwise along the seam. This usually gets you the plum open with the flat side of the stone exposed. Lay the plum halves cut side down in a dehydrator rack or on a tray. In a dehydrator it takes four to seven hours depending how thick the plums are. In the sun you need to protect from critters. In a warm oven it can take overnight. I toss the pits in the walkways between my garden beds. Mmmmm! Full of iron and great for the digestion. And they last a year this way.

Vegetarian Fajitas

If you have hard core carnivores among you, divide the fajitas up and put the mushrooms in one half and the chicken on the other half then everybody’s happy. Or if it’s just one hard core carnivore, throw a little canned chicken in theirs, microwave the plate for 30 seconds and they’ll never know the difference.

The purple bell pepper adds a unique look to this dish.

Vegan Gumbo

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Spicy Split Pea Dip

The original recipe of this (from our local newspaper) said you should add the cumin and chiles after cooking the split peas, but I think serranos taste better when they are cooked, more good chile flavor and less throat choking picante. I also was trained to always saute cumin or any of the spices used in curry because heating them brings out their flavor.

My daughter and her teen aged friends were enjoying this after a long summer afternoon indoors playing Dance Dance Revolution. They were dipping raw zucchini strips (from the garden) and black olives, and I believe they eventually rigged up some toasted whole wheat tortillas. So much better for them than fried tortilla chips! I had mine mixed with some cooked quinoa (it seems to need something to give it a little body) and more tomatoes. I love it when we finally have our own garden tomatoes. YUM!

Texas Caviar

Thank you to frugalwench, who gave me the idea to try this! As with all my posts that have a keyingredient recipe embedded, sometimes keyingredient gets confused if more than one recipe from their site is on the same web page. So click the title to see the individual post and that usually clears it up. 🙂