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Super Sushi Sydney

Mega Japanese
Here is our mega Japanese sushi/tempura/sashimi platter from a Sydney Japanese restaurant. This platter easily satisfied the three of us. High marks for presentation. Definitely enough food. I hadn’t had tempura in years because I never order it. Between sushi and tempura there is just no comparison in my book, either nutritionally or taste wise. But I gotta admit, tempura sweet potatoes and eggplant are tasty, once you get the dipping sauce correct.

Paella at Doyles’

HPIM4337 Here’s a quickie from our trip to Sydney. We had this delicious paella at Doyle’s in Watson’s Bay. The innovations were two: 1) The rice is apart and not cooked into the paella which gives you a much better appreciation for its delicate saffron taste. 2) There is no chorizo or sausage or any of that evil pig stuff.

Review of Press Club, Melbourne AU

I placed my main review of Press Club on Foodbuzz, so they would have it in their database.

Dining at the Press Club is an eating experience to be sure. The name harks back the fact that they are located in the ground floor of a publishing building. The main ethnicity is Greek, with French influence. It is quite spendy, ($AU60 per head) but you get a lot of good food. I did not care for the Greek style coffee and should have had it my way. Coffee is definitely a matter of taste. Other than that it was all very tasty and nicely and simply presented without being overly twiddly or arty.