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Review of Press Club, Melbourne AU

I placed my main review of Press Club on Foodbuzz, so they would have it in their database.

Dining at the Press Club is an eating experience to be sure. The name harks back the fact that they are located in the ground floor of a publishing building. The main ethnicity is Greek, with French influence. It is quite spendy, ($AU60 per head) but you get a lot of good food. I did not care for the Greek style coffee and should have had it my way. Coffee is definitely a matter of taste. Other than that it was all very tasty and nicely and simply presented without being overly twiddly or arty.

My KeyIngredient Cookbook

Want to preview our dorkness before it gets blogged? My recipe online collection is at Key Ingredient, and I simply embed their recipe widgets in the blog. I have blog posts queued up, and also a backlog of recipes I haven’t even queued in the blog yet. Often a recipe will be on Key Ingredient for weeks before it gets blogged. I like how their tabbed format makes excellent use of the real estate, and I like how they automatically format the recipe in a consistent format. (Of course, in case Key Ingredient ever goes away, I have backup copies of all my recipes.)
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Otis Cafe: Unapologetic Old-Fashioned Comfort Food

Otis Cafe

Otis Cafe

As is my policy, I’ve published the official review of Otis Cafe in FoodBuzz.  I do this as a courtesy to the establishment so that they can be listed in Food Buzz’s structured international eatery database and benefit from the superior exposure.

….. great heaping helpings of old fashioned farm fare, hearty molasses bread, thick rich clam chowder, crispy real potatoes, pies like your grandma used to make…..  Read the full review.

The one line summary, is:  “Go on a cold rainy day, and go really hungry!”

Get Paid to read my blog

This is an experiment. There is this new company called YouData who will pay you to view ads. In order to get paid to view ads you have to make an account with YouData and they will target ads to your preferences. To get the most and best ads, you tell them what sports you like, and whether you have a dog or not and so forth. They promise they don’t share personal data but they do peg it to your cell phone. No cell phone, I guess that’s just tough tomatoes.

I hate blog ads even static ones because they take up so much space and they are annoying. Plus I absolutely despise Pay To Post, because it alters what the blogger writes. I want to stay pure, but dang….. I do need money to keep buying the ingredients for the delicious dork chow that I blab about regularly. Youdata don’t exert any editorial pressure on the bloggers. I still write whatever I want whenever I want, which I hope is what you want. In this setup, you bring your own ads in and just read them in the widget I have here. I figure they will be slightly less annoying because

  • they will be personalized to you
  • you don’t have to even look at ’em if you don’t want to.
  • most of all, you get paid to see ’em!

But if you do read ’em via my widget, I get a tip too.  I have concerns about how well this will work but for what it’s worth, here’s a YouData Widget:

Review of Romescos Monterrey MX

I normally write Restaurant reviews on Food Buzz and then link to them to a teaser here. But this time I will do it the other way, because Food Buzz blew up when I tried to put a Mexican address in their database. Anyway, Food Buzz seems to subscribe to my blog posts so we’ll get it up there one way or another.

On our last night in Monterrey we had dinner with our good friends. Romescos is a charming pan-Mediterranean style restaurant located at Morelos 1076 Ote, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, Tel 82189191. (Normally this info would be in the database, and I would have a link to their website if they had one.) The prices are middle range from about $8 to $17 per plate. You can choose to dine indoors or out, and we chose to dine on the terrace on the rooftop. We ate kind of early by Mexican standards, but we were all starving, as no one had eaten “comida,” which is usually served at around 2 in the afternoon. Just a few moments of sun in our eyes and then the sun dipped behind the skyline and all was excellent.

The food was well presented, and the portions were ample without being overwhelming. I was particularly intrigued by the lettuce leaf on our cheese platter that we got for appetizer. It was standing straight up in a blob of cheese. When I touched it it felt dry and flaky and it must have been flash deep fried or something. Tom ordered the shrimp dish, I got wild mushroom lasagne, my daughter got pesto, and our friends had pizza and I forgot what else. The food was all very nicely done, and tasty. We especially liked their beer pitchers. They are called “jirafas” and after we saw it we could see why. Jirafa means giraffe in spanish. They serve the local excellent lagers, Carta Blanca being the most famous in that region.

If you happen to be down that way, I recommend Romescos. It is about 5 or six blocks off Dr. Coss St., (the street that runs right by the Santa Lucia tourist plaza).

Find more photos like this on Great Cooks Community
Just in case the great cooks slide show doesn’t work here is my photo album the pictures we took from the evening..

Fireworks Restaurant — Must be experienced

Maya the wood fired ovenAs per my custom for restaurant reviews, I’ve outblogged my main  review of Fireworks restaurant at FoodBuzz, to give Fireworks the additional benefit of being inserted a worldwide restaurant database. Pictured at left is “Maya,” their signature wood-fired oven, which is something you can’t do at Food Buzz.

If you don’t read the link, at least take this away: Fireworks restaurant is a must-do if you happen to be in this vicinity.  🙂

Review of Magenta Restaurant

magenta One thing I like about Food Buzz is how they seamlessly integrate your self-hosted or other third party blog into your Food Buzz Blog.  I had wanted to review Magenta Restaurant for a while, and it seemed like Food Buzz was the best place to do it because they structure the data and it would get Magenta into their database,   you get the google map for free, etc. etc.   and Magenta gets better exposure than if I just did an unstructured review here.   Of course we must avoid duplicate content at all costs, so  I will link to, rather than duplicate here my  Review of Magenta on Food Buzz.   I was a little disappointed that the link to Magenta’s website did not appear directly in the review.  So I fixed that for you here.

Sunfood Cuisine — a gorgeous raw food book

Frederic Patenaude’s book “Sunfood Cuisine” is designed as a practical guide to assist people in going as raw-vegan as they want to go. I got this book as a result of hanging out at a band retreat with my paranoid raw vegan friend X (more adventures with X here), and at the time I reviewed it on Epinions.

X was eager to nurture us on her day to host with her delicious and nutritious raw vegan food.
In my mind I had pictured a raw-vegan diet consisting of wheatgrass juice and chopped lettuce. Nothing could be further from the truth. The food that X prepared for us was both satisfying and delicious, and on my Sunday morning run after a full Saturday of noshing on raw-vegan food, I tore out at the head of the pack. Psychological? Maybe….

Part I starts out with a justification for this diet that to me is not scientific enough. It baldly states that “we humans are the sickest animals on the planet.” and why do we fail to thrive like wild animals do? Well I could point you to some wild animal populations that are not thriving and in fact are suffering all kinds of diseases for starters. But some of the logic is provable, for example that animal products linger longer in the gut. However, Patenaude is not in the business of scientifically justifying anything. As he himself says “let me ask you to do something. Just try it.”

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