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Farmer's Market

farmers market

Pictures from our local farmer’s market.  I got there a tad late, so a lot of the booths were looking kind of skimpy.  I still managed to pick up Maitake mushrooms and green snap peas and I’m so glad to see the market doing so well that the farmers don’t have much to take back home.    And it’s kinda fun to do digital photography.

Random Pix from my Flower garden


daylillies hollyhocks etc.

Taking a break from always being food political to just share with you some flowers from my very own flower terrace.  That’s what’s left of Grandma’s sewing machine.  I like it in my garden because it reminds me of her and her big farm garden she used to have when I was little.    When I was small it seemed like Grandma was all about flowers and vegetables, when there were so many “important”  things out there.  But now that I’m older, I think Gran had it right.  The so-called “important”  things come and go but the daffodills come back every year, and every summer with out fail I chew my way through a large pile of garden produce.  Speaking of which,  unfortunately my vegetable garden isn’t interesting yet.  Last summer I broke my hand and so the garden went all to hell.  In 2008 were blessed with a freakishly long wet cold spring and the result is that I didn’t do any early greens because we had such a mess to clear out from last year.

Food Buzz — Food social network

Browsing foodie links you can’t help but hit Food Buzz — the social network all about food, restaurants, cooking, and of course recipes.  This is a very well done social network where you can link in your favorite recipes, search for recipes, review restaurants, and find like-minded friends.    I especially like how Dork Chow automatically IS my blog on Food Buzz — they don’t give you some lame little zero feature bloglet like on stumbleupon or ning.

About a week after I joined, Food Buzz contacted me and made me a “featured publisher,” which means I get a badge and a skyscraper ad CPM ad down my right sidebar.  I insisted on the ads not showing any chunks of dead animals, and who knows, I might earn $5 a month or so.

Now that I’ve told you about Food Buzz, rather than blather on, I recommend you check it out and see it for yourself. Oh, yes, and while you’re there buzz me — I’m dorkage!

Are YOU in my food blogroll?

There are SOOOO many good food blogs!   If I listed all of them down the sidebar you’d have to scroll south for quite a while, and that’s not nice.   If you’ll notice I have my blogroll categorized, so when you click the Vegan link a page pops up with all my vegan links.  As I visit food blogs that I like,   I suck them into my Bloglines, and through the magic of syndication, they automatically update in my blogroll.

Even more web 2.0 would be to have a little plus by the category title and have it expand in place when visitors click the category title.  I’m working on that!!

If you want to do your blog roll like this I have a post about how I did it in my geek blog, and if you have a healthy delicious food or sustainability blog of high quality that is not in there yet, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to stop by and add your blog if it is a fit.

Key Ingredient: food goes Web 2.0

I just found a new food social network called It’s way Web 2.0. One thing I like about it is it doesn’t scream “ads, ads, ads!” in your face. Another cool thing is the way you can widgetize recipes and share them around. Read the rest of this entry »