Nopales en Mole

nopal photo by riverdell.comAs I was making progress towards eating solid foods I suddenly and inexplicably developed a craving for nopales, known to gringos as prickly pear cactus, and not widely eaten by them. Nopales is not really one of my favorite foods, mine or anyone else’s: It is often eaten during Lent in Mexico as a form of penance. I had a jar of canned nopales in the pantry but I wanted fresh. So I sent my long suffering husband out to get some. He probably thought oh no she’s pregnant again.
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Butternut Squash Bisque


Delicious Butternut Squash Bisque

Lovely in autumn, winter, or early spring. Ideal for people …

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A beautiful and tasty soup suitable for someone like me who is restricted to a liquid/soft foods diet following colon surgery

Mango Lhassi


Mango Lhassi

delicious Indian yogurt smoothie

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The exception proves the rule. Mangos are hardly local to where I live, but once in a while it’s OK to indulge yourself in something exotic. I trimmed the sweetener from the original and skipped the canned mango in syrup. I serve it with a lemon for extra tartness.

My KeyIngredient Cookbook

Want to preview our dorkness before it gets blogged? My recipe online collection is at Key Ingredient, and I simply embed their recipe widgets in the blog. I have blog posts queued up, and also a backlog of recipes I haven’t even queued in the blog yet. Often a recipe will be on Key Ingredient for weeks before it gets blogged. I like how their tabbed format makes excellent use of the real estate, and I like how they automatically format the recipe in a consistent format. (Of course, in case Key Ingredient ever goes away, I have backup copies of all my recipes.)
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WCI Bleu Valentine's Dinner

For Valentine’s day, I dined with Tom (the love of my life) and our dear friend Louis at Restaurant Bleu, which is the Restaurant arm of the Western Culinary Institute in Portland OR. For about $25 you can get a five course meal, with several choices for each course. That is a lot of bang for your buck when you consider what that would be a la carte.

My choices were:

  • Soup:   Sunchoke and Garlic
  • Appetizer:  Salmon Cake with Asian slaw
  • Salad:  Green Salad
  • Main:  Seared Salmon
  • Dessert:   Cinnamon Creme Brule

Louis and Tom chose a meat platter as an appetizer.   Louis preferred french onion soup.  Tom had the clams entree and Louis had the pork.  Louis chose chocolate mousse for dessert.   At the end of the meal they brought us truffles.  All food was elegantly presented, and nicely spiced.  I am going to try to duplicate the sunchoke soup next autumn when there abundant local sunchokes.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, after all, I cheesed things up with a very romantic slideshow.  Enjoy!

Creamy Maitake Tarragon with Edamame


Creamy Maitake and Edamame

We modified this recipe quite a bit from the source …

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My daughter discovered this recipe while googling some ingredients we had on hand. We modified it because I don’t normally have heavy cream on hand, nor much care to use it very often. I used pignolia nuts instead of pistachios because that’s what I happened to have. I believe cashews, pecans, or walnuts would also work. This recipe could easily be made vegan by using earth balance and unsweetened soy milk instead of butter and half and half.

Holy Moses Molly O’Neill found me

This post is for everybody, but especially my Foodbuzz friends. Please read it to the end.

Today I am totally blown away! Here I am this little unknown food blogger ranting on to mostly myself and a few local friends so I can glom the recipes into a nice PDF to give to friends for Christmas and suddenly this person called Adina Genn leaves a comment on my pozole recipe and says she wants to phone interview me about it and and its attendant mole recipe on behalf of the legendery Molly O’Neill.
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Asian Carrot & Radish Slaw


Asian Carrot Radish Slaw

Another delicious and healthy raw salad.

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Tofu in Miso Sesame Marinade


Sesame Seared Tofu with Jalapeno Miso Dressing

My friends over at Duo Dishes used this recipe to …

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Thanks to my friends Chrystal and Amir at Duo Dishes for this recipe. As you can see mine didn’t look anything like theirs. Chrystal says they didn’t really soak the tofu in the marinade but I totally did so maybe that was the difference. We tossed the extra marinade on the salad.

Ayurvedic Kichari


Ayurvedic kichari

Delicious and nutritious ayurvedic counterpart to mom's chicken soup …

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<!– This is a great dish to eat in the middle of winter. It has strength giving burdock and parsnips, cleansing daikon, bulking and nutrient rich kale, and warming turmeric and cayenne. It is a good thing to eat after a night of indulging in rich bad-for-you food, or when you have not been feeling well, especially when you have a cold or flu.