If you would like to share your favorite sustainable healthy recipe with Dork Chow, we’d love to have it. Folks who publish recipes can get a copy of our current ECookbook as our way of saying thanks. It’s a little work but a lot of fun.   Dork Chow is about sustainable healthy food that is as local as possible.  Leave the fancy French whipped cream desserts or the steak tartare for some other blog. Browse the blog a bit before posting a recipe to get the idea of the general style and focus of the blog.   Recipes must use primarily ingredients that are local to you and relatively easy to get.  Recipes and other copy must be written in English.

  1. Cook your recipe and take or find a digital picture of it that you have rights to use.  This is REQUIRED.  All recipes for publication in Dork Chow MUST have a photograph. Submission of your photograph implicitly grants us non exclusive permission to use it as we see fit. The web is a visual medium, and your recipe will get way more traffic with a picture.   If your recipe is for some boring-looking goo (like our mole sauce) you may take a composed picture of all the raw ingredients if you think that would look better.  
  2. Fill the form in.
  3. You may also include a link to your business web at the bottom of the post if you wish. If you have a business I strongly suggest you take advantage of this link love
  4. Now get your friends, tweetbuds, etc. to stumble your post. We all win!!!