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Vegan Nacho "Cheese" Sauce


Vegan Nacho "cheese" sauce

One difficulty vegans have is giving up cheese. This vegan …

See Vegan Nacho "cheese" sauce on Key Ingredient.

<!– Don’t think for a minute that this will taste like cheese, or you will be disappointed. However, it’s good in its own right. It has a nice creamy texture from the cashews. I might tweak this recipe the next time, adding real garlic and more lemon juice and less salt.

Sustainable Applesauce

We have this early translucent apple tree. Its apples are good for three things:

  • Dried apples, but only the nicely shaped ones work well in the AppleMaster
  • Frozen, to add to smoothies and
  • Applesauce
  • Making this applesauce takes me back to when my kids were very small and my son was a baby. We had wormy apples our yard, much like now, fine for sauce but not so hot to chomp into; and my son, who was teething, went after them like they were nuggets of gold. I’ll dig up a photo pretty soon of my son stalking the “yukky apples.” Here is the very easy applesauce recipe. Enjoy!

    Yields: ? servings

  • As many apples as you have on hand
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Sweetener to taste
  • Water
  • Quarter the apples, core, and cut off any nasty bits but otherwise leave the peels on. Put in blender with enough water to liquefy. It comes out a beautiful green color but starts to turn brown immediately. Cook until slightly thicker. Add cinnamon and sweetener to taste. I use a mixture of agave and stevia.