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WCI Bleu Valentine's Dinner

For Valentine’s day, I dined with Tom (the love of my life) and our dear friend Louis at Restaurant Bleu, which is the Restaurant arm of the Western Culinary Institute in Portland OR. For about $25 you can get a five course meal, with several choices for each course. That is a lot of bang for your buck when you consider what that would be a la carte.

My choices were:

  • Soup:   Sunchoke and Garlic
  • Appetizer:  Salmon Cake with Asian slaw
  • Salad:  Green Salad
  • Main:  Seared Salmon
  • Dessert:   Cinnamon Creme Brule

Louis and Tom chose a meat platter as an appetizer.   Louis preferred french onion soup.  Tom had the clams entree and Louis had the pork.  Louis chose chocolate mousse for dessert.   At the end of the meal they brought us truffles.  All food was elegantly presented, and nicely spiced.  I am going to try to duplicate the sunchoke soup next autumn when there abundant local sunchokes.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, after all, I cheesed things up with a very romantic slideshow.  Enjoy!