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Cobb, but not corn-on-the!

Shannon & Me Dancing in the CobbThis is me with my very good friend Shannon Dealy.  Every year Shannon does demos at the local technology festival of Cobb construction techniques.

Shannon lives in a 70 sq ft. cobb cottage and he also has a larger cobb structure on his property which I helped him build about four years ago.

Here is a cool video of cobb being made.

Why is this on a food blog?  Because this blog is about sustainable, and cobb is a waaaay sustainable building practice.  Cobb buildings have been known to last for centuries. Shannon buys the sand and the straw to assure quality, and uses the local dirt but he did fool around once with a cobb hut from all stuff he dug up on his farm, including the bottoms of old coke bottles for windows.  

OK, to bring it back to food:  In his cottage, Shannon has a fridge and a microwave, both 100% powered by solar.  No oven, but I’m gonna see about getting him one of SolReka‘s when they are ready. Shannon is completely off the grid.  He also runs a bank of servers in his cottage, and I should know because I drove up there to reboot them one  cold and stormy November night when they went down while Shannon was gallavanting off in Australia.

Shannon’s blog contains a gallery of work by Kiko Denzer, who designed and built the Cobb wood fired oven at our local Fireworks restaurant. Check it out!

Please send Shannon some LUV at — he deserves it.  Dorky prediction:  Many more people will be doing things like this in the future, and it might even be within our lifetime.

Thanks to trailblazers like Shannon, we’ll have some guidance when the economy will gradually force us to abandon the unsustainable aspects of our lifestyle.