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Help underappreciated blogs get more readers.

Folks, I have a confession to make.  I’m good at many things, but I absolutely and totally *SUCK*, (imagine 72 point type for emphasis) at promotion and marketing, particularly when it’s my own personal brand I’m trying to promote.    I’m dyed-in-the-wool old school.  I believe that the cream will naturally and organically rise to the top …. eventually….. and I still believe that.     But I’m competing with so many sell-in-your face splogs and shameless SEO gamers at the present, plus,  to be honest, a lot of other genuine good and popular content in the food niche.    Google, for all it’s greatness, still can’t always tell genuine excellence from a tricked-out and gamed-up splog-o-rama.   And only digital friends who actually buzz about you can help you out online.  Just being on the friends list doesn’t really do much.   I have plenty of RL friends, but, due to my own personal demographics,  most of my real life friends are not what you’d call “digital natives.” They are just catching on to email now, if you know what I mean.   I have plenty of social network “friends” as well, but I guess many of them just friend me to pump up their own numbers.  They only actually buzz about their digital friends who are already RL friends as well.

Just because I am a failure at promoting myself and making money for myself DOES NOT mean I am a failure at blogging.  (In fact I believe almost the opposite.  Each human is allotted finite time.  Time spent in self promotion is time taken away from producing good stuff if you think about it.)   So that’s already a win for you, dear reader.  An added bonus is that I don’t overadvertise. Have you noticed that there are very few ads on this blog?  Do you appreciate that?  People always bitch and moan about ads,  but what do they do to encourage people who keep  them under control?  How about putting your money where your mouth is and stumbling your favorite Dork Chow post and/or subscribing and or just tweeting something you like to your personal network.    Take the plunge, make a new RL friend!   Thank you.  Yes you, you think somebody else is gonna do that for me?

Finally, Chuck Westbrook has launched  a grass roots effort to give more exposure to under-exposed blogs.   If you are a blogger you can enter your own underexposed blog.   If not, check it out and discover some exciting new blogs.  You can say I knew them when.  Don’t be just another follower, be a trend setter!