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A Food Buzz Apron!

Ellie is Buzzing Recently my day was brightened by a totally unexpected gift from the great folks at Food Buzz.  FB had already surprised me with a batch of cool “Moo-cards” to promote this blog, and now I get this really awesome chef’s apron (modelled by my lovely green-haired daughter)  and long handled green spatula, totally out of the blue, eh… I mean green.   How did they know that all my old spatulas look like stiff ragged moldy rubber shreds on the end of a stick!!   If you are into food, join FoodBuzz and get in on the fun.  It’s a really clever very Web 2.0 site and they suck in and promote your food blog for you automagically. Psssst…… they also PAY you actual $MONEY$ based on how much traffic you send them.  Like the sound of that, eh?  How about a nice little mousie detour to the far right where it says vote for me!  Doesn’t cost you a thing to vote, not even your email address!

Are YOU in my food blogroll?

There are SOOOO many good food blogs!   If I listed all of them down the sidebar you’d have to scroll south for quite a while, and that’s not nice.   If you’ll notice I have my blogroll categorized, so when you click the Vegan link a page pops up with all my vegan links.  As I visit food blogs that I like,   I suck them into my Bloglines, and through the magic of syndication, they automatically update in my blogroll.

Even more web 2.0 would be to have a little plus by the category title and have it expand in place when visitors click the category title.  I’m working on that!!

If you want to do your blog roll like this I have a post about how I did it in my geek blog, and if you have a healthy delicious food or sustainability blog of high quality that is not in there yet, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to stop by and add your blog if it is a fit.