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Holy Moses Molly O’Neill found me

This post is for everybody, but especially my Foodbuzz friends. Please read it to the end.

Today I am totally blown away! Here I am this little unknown food blogger ranting on to mostly myself and a few local friends so I can glom the recipes into a nice PDF to give to friends for Christmas and suddenly this person called Adina Genn leaves a comment on my pozole recipe and says she wants to phone interview me about it and and its attendant mole recipe on behalf of the legendery Molly O’Neill.
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Foodbuzz 24,24,24 contest winners

24,24,24 As I mentioned earlier, Food Buzz had a contest where 24 blogs were featured in 24 hours.  The winners were truly magnificent foodiferous events, most thrown by professional foodies with degrees in foodology,   all kinds of connections in the supplier circle, not to mention matching china, mood decor and placemats, all documented by really awesome cameras — some of ’em even take videos.   My own humble little local consolation dinner can’t hold a candle to these folks but it was fun anyway, and normal people might actually be able to duplicate what I do.     The 24 winners’ locations are depicted in the map below.  Just click on any marker to bring up the blurb with a link to the site. Scroll around on the map too; not all of them appear in the initial viewing window.   Spend some time on these, folks! These winners put a tremendous amount of effort into sharing their exquisite food creations with you.

A Food Buzz Apron!

Ellie is Buzzing Recently my day was brightened by a totally unexpected gift from the great folks at Food Buzz.  FB had already surprised me with a batch of cool “Moo-cards” to promote this blog, and now I get this really awesome chef’s apron (modelled by my lovely green-haired daughter)  and long handled green spatula, totally out of the blue, eh… I mean green.   How did they know that all my old spatulas look like stiff ragged moldy rubber shreds on the end of a stick!!   If you are into food, join FoodBuzz and get in on the fun.  It’s a really clever very Web 2.0 site and they suck in and promote your food blog for you automagically. Psssst…… they also PAY you actual $MONEY$ based on how much traffic you send them.  Like the sound of that, eh?  How about a nice little mousie detour to the far right where it says vote for me!  Doesn’t cost you a thing to vote, not even your email address!