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Would you want to go to BlogHer FREE in 2009?

The queen of Spain is very kindly giving away a free pass to BlogHer 2009 USA to the person she finds most deserving. Click here to find out what to do to enter. I would have reservations about attending such an event myself: I am not into typical chick things for starters; I believe that the rearing of my offspring is private; I am at heart an introvert and a terrible consumer; and I also have some other cultural differences from what I perceive to be the prevailing culture of BlogHers. If I were to somehow win, or to otherwise end up in Chicago for BlogHer, I would probably end up standing around in a corner, feeling extremely awkward. I would, of course, attempt to approach people, and they, being predominantly women, would, no doubt, be polite and cordial, but would nevertheless make it clear that wherever the hell the likes of me belonged, it wouldn’t be hanging out with them. Such has been the story of my life everywhere so far, so I wouldn’t be looking for that to miraculously change. So primarily I am reporting on this for my readers, in case any of them want to give it a go.

If I were to say why I deserve to win, it would be some pretty ordinary yadda yadda: because I was forced to fold my business in April 2008; it was devastating both psychologically and financially; I have two kids in college, my parents are old and ailing, and Medicare/Medicaid is a joke, and there’s no spare cash for junkets. The interesting jobs in the area where I live are rarely advertised, and due to my own introverted psychological makeup, the “right people” don’t know me. The jobs that are left over are awful, and anyway I don’t want to work in some Dilbertian company with company picnics and mission statements. So basically I have not managed to find a steady job that wouldn’t make me slit my wrists. I’ve picked up a gig or two consulting here and there, but the economy is kind of putting the kibosh on that too. Owning my own business spoiled me forever for working for the man. Boo hoo, poor little me, and everybody else in this crappy economy. At least I have a roof over my head and internet. We have our priorities right!

I turned to blogging to blow off steam really. I totally suck at promoting my blogs. I’d really rather just write them. And I am actually working at resurrecting my business in fits and starts, but I’m older and wiser, and I know what both I and the business need to succeed and I am absolutely not going to open the doors again until those underpinnings are in place.

Erin’s blog claims that is personally subsidizing the deal so she can give the pass to whomever she chooses. I totally applaud the Erin for her generosity; and it will be fun to see whether the contest ends up embracing a true outsider, or just another one of the old girls network.

I’ll tell you who I think should win an all expense paid trip to blogher if anyone should: Deb X, AKA Green Lasagna. Deb has been harrassed so much online that she won’t even publish her full name. If anyone is experiencing financial hardship, Deb is. I sent her the link, and I hope she will not only enter, but win.

Anyway it is truly awesome that some deserving person will get an all expenses paid trip to Blogher in 2009. I think there are plenty who would probably benefit more and deserve to win more than me, and I’d be thrilled if Deb or any of my other readers was the winner!

Free Red Amaranth Salad Seeds for you

Mature Red Amaranth Last spring I posted about delicious and nutritious salad built from young red amaranth leaves. Well now I have tons of showy red fully mature plants loaded with tiny shiny black seeds. And I will give seeds to anyone free for the asking. If you want some, post a comment here asking for some. That will expose your email to me and I will email you where to send your Stamped Self Addressed Envelope.

The amaranth plants aren’t quite dry enough to harvest yet, but they should be in another two weeks or so. By the way, they also look terrific as the center of a fall flower arrangement. Just in case I didn’t make myself clear in the other post, these things grow beautifully in many soils and conditions. They like full sun and they need a bit of water, just a bit. They are easy to get rid of if you find them coming up where you don’t want them. Hard times are coming; this is a starter kit for a lifetime supply of free salad that’s very very healthy!

I do not wish to publish my physical address in a public blog, even a business address — I’m sure you understand. One of my blogging buddies was recently tracked down and stalked by some crazy who drove 300 miles to meet her and potentially kill her because of something she posted on a forum. Creepy, huh! Luckily she alerted the police and he was arrested immediately and she is OK.