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Ditch that dumb USDA Food Pyramid

hfg_300pixelsObesity rates in the USA have spiraled ever upward since the government issued the famous and attractive but, in my opinion, severely flawed “food pyramid” recommendations. Of course anything the government gives you is influenced by lobbyists. In my opinion the biggest problem with the pyramid is that it does not distinguish between refined processed carbohydrates and whole grains. The former are terrible. The latter are good. The pyramid lumps them all together.

I discovered and had to pass along the word. HonestFoodGuide gives away a full color PDF that has much more up-to-date cutting edge information about what sorts of foods promote/prevent which aspects of health and disease, and is a way better and more flexible guide to foods. They are not influenced in any way by Big Ag. What’s more, it’s VERY VERY VERY simple. If you want it quickly, click the graphic in this post to download it.

For a very reasonable price they offer a laminated version that also comes with audio CD’s on nutrition, and if you want to buy a bunch they are only $2 apiece.