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Review of Press Club, Melbourne AU

I placed my main review of Press Club on Foodbuzz, so they would have it in their database.

Dining at the Press Club is an eating experience to be sure. The name harks back the fact that they are located in the ground floor of a publishing building. The main ethnicity is Greek, with French influence. It is quite spendy, ($AU60 per head) but you get a lot of good food. I did not care for the Greek style coffee and should have had it my way. Coffee is definitely a matter of taste. Other than that it was all very tasty and nicely and simply presented without being overly twiddly or arty.

Greek Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Greek Salad

Quinoa is the ‘it’ grain and certainly has been the …

See Quinoa Greek Salad on Key Ingredient.


In case you’ve been living in Pleasantville, Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa) is a high protein grain from South America. I predict more and more of it in North American cuisine as people gradually begin to catch on to its tremendous nutrition potential.

This is my first go at poaching someone else’s recipe from The problem with KI is that you cannot specify when searching that you only want to see recipes with pictures. For blogging purposes, I am only interested in recipes with visuals. Too many of KI’s recipes do not have pictures for me to spend much there time searching, but here is one I stumbled on with an awesome picture, and it’s an awesome vegetarian (not vegan) recipe as well. I’ve requested that KI make a filter that will only pass recipes with pictures, and I hope they will implement it soon. Recipes exist to be spread. If this contributor didn’t want it spread she wouldn’t have made it public! Spread mine all you want! Embed them in your own blog. Needless to say I friended the author of this one!