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How Green is your Cuisine?

I swiped this quiz from the Sierra club. The grading will take you over there.

Are you the Iron Chef of your household? Do you enjoy slicing, dicing, deglazing, and braising?
If so, did know that some kitchens and the cuisine they produce are greener than others?
No, we’re not talking about a cucumber-colored Cuisinart or that old avocado-green refrigerator.
We’re talking eco-friendly and sustainable — food that fills the belly and is easy on the planet
at the same time. How does your cookin’ rate? Take our quiz and find out!

(Hate quizzes? Skip straight to the answers.)

  1. Your extended family regularly gathers for holiday feasts, and one of them is a huge fan of your fresh peach cobbler. For which of these family get-togethers should you prepare your fabulous dish?
    Fourth of July.

  2. When you go to bake that fabulous pie, you’ll use:
    An oven-safe glass pie plate greased with butter.
    A non-stick metal pie pan.
    A colorful new silicone bakeware pie pan.

  3. Which of the following dishes contributes the most to deforestation?
    Caesar salad with grilled chicken.
    Filet mignon.
    Vegetable soup with barley.
    Three-cheese pizza.

  4. Your sweetie is a pescatarian (they eat fish but no other animals),so you’re heading to the market for some fresh catch for dinner. Which choice is best for the environment?
    Farmed salmon.
    U.S.-farmed tilapia.
    Orange roughy./>

  5. When cutting up veggies from your backyard garden, you should you cut them on:
    A plastic cutting board.
    A wooden cutting board.
    The New York Times food section.

  6. You want to enjoy a mug of tea while you’re steaming carrots (which you’ll douse with a vinaigrette of olive oil, lemon juice, toasted ground coriander, and rose water and top with chopped fresh mint). If you’re heating just one mug of water for your tea, which of these is the most energy-efficient way to do that?
    In the microwave.
    On an electric stove.
    On a gas stove.

  7. Guests at your cocktail party want their martinis shaken, not stirred. You’ll fill the shaker with ice cubes:
    That you made using a tray placed in your freezer.
    That are served from your freezer’s icemaker, using the fridge’s door dispenser, so you don’t have to open the door of the freezer.

  8. The best way to get rid of your food scraps is to:
    Toss them in the garbage or garbage disposal.
    Give them to your dog, of course!
    Take a trip to the food bank or contact a food rescue program that accepts leftovers.
    Put them in the compost or worm bin.

  9. When you shop for things like cereal, nuts, grains, and dried fruit, you:
    Buy in bulk from store bins.
    Buy in bulk at big-box stores like Costco.
    Buy smaller portions so you don’t waste food.

  10. You managed to buy a fixer-upper and are having green thoughts while planning the remodel.
    Which kind of countertop should you opt for in the kitchen?

    100 percent recycled glass or paper, or Terrazzo with greater than 80 percent recycled content.
    Cement, either a product that exists today or one of the emerging eco-cements coming out in the next couple of years.
    Stainless steel.
    Granite, marble, or other stone.
    Laminate, Corian, or other synthetic plastic-based product.