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Nopales en Mole

nopal photo by riverdell.comAs I was making progress towards eating solid foods I suddenly and inexplicably developed a craving for nopales, known to gringos as prickly pear cactus, and not widely eaten by them. Nopales is not really one of my favorite foods, mine or anyone else’s: It is often eaten during Lent in Mexico as a form of penance. I had a jar of canned nopales in the pantry but I wanted fresh. So I sent my long suffering husband out to get some. He probably thought oh no she’s pregnant again.
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Dork Chow: Natural Organic PR 4!

Google LUVI know blogs are supposed to be about YOU and not about the blogger (ME),  unless you’re popular and then you can drivel endlessly and vapidly about the wedgie you got last night while drinking beer  or how horrible it is when your crotch goes to sleep.   But today, it’s about ME, or more precisely, this blog.   I have no idea how this happened, but (are you ready for it?)
Play the the sound effect if you like before clicking MORE…
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