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Fireworks Restaurant — Must be experienced

Maya the wood fired ovenAs per my custom for restaurant reviews, I’ve outblogged my main  review of Fireworks restaurant at FoodBuzz, to give Fireworks the additional benefit of being inserted a worldwide restaurant database. Pictured at left is “Maya,” their signature wood-fired oven, which is something you can’t do at Food Buzz.

If you don’t read the link, at least take this away: Fireworks restaurant is a must-do if you happen to be in this vicinity.  🙂

Dork Chow: Natural Organic PR 4!

Google LUVI know blogs are supposed to be about YOU and not about the blogger (ME),  unless you’re popular and then you can drivel endlessly and vapidly about the wedgie you got last night while drinking beer  or how horrible it is when your crotch goes to sleep.   But today, it’s about ME, or more precisely, this blog.   I have no idea how this happened, but (are you ready for it?)
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Sustainable Applesauce

We have this early translucent apple tree. Its apples are good for three things:

  • Dried apples, but only the nicely shaped ones work well in the AppleMaster
  • Frozen, to add to smoothies and
  • Applesauce
  • Making this applesauce takes me back to when my kids were very small and my son was a baby. We had wormy apples our yard, much like now, fine for sauce but not so hot to chomp into; and my son, who was teething, went after them like they were nuggets of gold. I’ll dig up a photo pretty soon of my son stalking the “yukky apples.” Here is the very easy applesauce recipe. Enjoy!

    Yields: ? servings

  • As many apples as you have on hand
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Sweetener to taste
  • Water
  • Quarter the apples, core, and cut off any nasty bits but otherwise leave the peels on. Put in blender with enough water to liquefy. It comes out a beautiful green color but starts to turn brown immediately. Cook until slightly thicker. Add cinnamon and sweetener to taste. I use a mixture of agave and stevia.