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Genovese Pesto

This recipe has been in our family since we got married. I never tasted pesto until I was 25 years old. Once I had it once I felt cheated that I had never had it growing up. But in the midwestern US when I was a kid some (no make that all) of the major ingredients were not readily available. We couldn’t even get fresh garlic, never mind good olive oil, or (God forbid!) basil or pine nuts. Growing up, we had parsley, foul tasting olive oil that mom was afraid to cook with, and salt and pepper. Oh well, we make up for lost time. Every August we call one of the local organic farms the day before the farmers market and order it by the pound. We then make and freeze 16 – 24 batches of pesto for the year. That’s enough to have pesto a couple times a month — we don’t always use a full batch for my smaller partially empty nest family.

Review of Romescos Monterrey MX

I normally write Restaurant reviews on Food Buzz and then link to them to a teaser here. But this time I will do it the other way, because Food Buzz blew up when I tried to put a Mexican address in their database. Anyway, Food Buzz seems to subscribe to my blog posts so we’ll get it up there one way or another.

On our last night in Monterrey we had dinner with our good friends. Romescos is a charming pan-Mediterranean style restaurant located at Morelos 1076 Ote, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, Tel 82189191. (Normally this info would be in the database, and I would have a link to their website if they had one.) The prices are middle range from about $8 to $17 per plate. You can choose to dine indoors or out, and we chose to dine on the terrace on the rooftop. We ate kind of early by Mexican standards, but we were all starving, as no one had eaten “comida,” which is usually served at around 2 in the afternoon. Just a few moments of sun in our eyes and then the sun dipped behind the skyline and all was excellent.

The food was well presented, and the portions were ample without being overwhelming. I was particularly intrigued by the lettuce leaf on our cheese platter that we got for appetizer. It was standing straight up in a blob of cheese. When I touched it it felt dry and flaky and it must have been flash deep fried or something. Tom ordered the shrimp dish, I got wild mushroom lasagne, my daughter got pesto, and our friends had pizza and I forgot what else. The food was all very nicely done, and tasty. We especially liked their beer pitchers. They are called “jirafas” and after we saw it we could see why. Jirafa means giraffe in spanish. They serve the local excellent lagers, Carta Blanca being the most famous in that region.

If you happen to be down that way, I recommend Romescos. It is about 5 or six blocks off Dr. Coss St., (the street that runs right by the Santa Lucia tourist plaza).

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