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Random Pix from my Flower garden


daylillies hollyhocks etc.

Taking a break from always being food political to just share with you some flowers from my very own flower terrace.  That’s what’s left of Grandma’s sewing machine.  I like it in my garden because it reminds me of her and her big farm garden she used to have when I was little.    When I was small it seemed like Grandma was all about flowers and vegetables, when there were so many “important”  things out there.  But now that I’m older, I think Gran had it right.  The so-called “important”  things come and go but the daffodills come back every year, and every summer with out fail I chew my way through a large pile of garden produce.  Speaking of which,  unfortunately my vegetable garden isn’t interesting yet.  Last summer I broke my hand and so the garden went all to hell.  In 2008 were blessed with a freakishly long wet cold spring and the result is that I didn’t do any early greens because we had such a mess to clear out from last year.

Sunfood Cuisine — a gorgeous raw food book

Frederic Patenaude’s book “Sunfood Cuisine” is designed as a practical guide to assist people in going as raw-vegan as they want to go. I got this book as a result of hanging out at a band retreat with my paranoid raw vegan friend X (more adventures with X here), and at the time I reviewed it on Epinions.

X was eager to nurture us on her day to host with her delicious and nutritious raw vegan food.
In my mind I had pictured a raw-vegan diet consisting of wheatgrass juice and chopped lettuce. Nothing could be further from the truth. The food that X prepared for us was both satisfying and delicious, and on my Sunday morning run after a full Saturday of noshing on raw-vegan food, I tore out at the head of the pack. Psychological? Maybe….

Part I starts out with a justification for this diet that to me is not scientific enough. It baldly states that “we humans are the sickest animals on the planet.” and why do we fail to thrive like wild animals do? Well I could point you to some wild animal populations that are not thriving and in fact are suffering all kinds of diseases for starters. But some of the logic is provable, for example that animal products linger longer in the gut. However, Patenaude is not in the business of scientifically justifying anything. As he himself says “let me ask you to do something. Just try it.”

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