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Nopales en Mole

nopal photo by riverdell.comAs I was making progress towards eating solid foods I suddenly and inexplicably developed a craving for nopales, known to gringos as prickly pear cactus, and not widely eaten by them. Nopales is not really one of my favorite foods, mine or anyone else’s: It is often eaten during Lent in Mexico as a form of penance. I had a jar of canned nopales in the pantry but I wanted fresh. So I sent my long suffering husband out to get some. He probably thought oh no she’s pregnant again.
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Farmer's Market

farmers market

Pictures from our local farmer’s market.  I got there a tad late, so a lot of the booths were looking kind of skimpy.  I still managed to pick up Maitake mushrooms and green snap peas and I’m so glad to see the market doing so well that the farmers don’t have much to take back home.    And it’s kinda fun to do digital photography.