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Plastic Bags are not our friends!

Plastic bags are not our friends! In September 2008 I blogged a snip from the Running the Numbers art exhibit that imparts a strange, static but eerily alien beauty to the pattern of millions of crinkly plastic bags, while being scary to the thinking person. For those of you who are more visceral, here is the gross aftermath of these bags being used all over the world for a couple decades.
Perhaps you’ve heard talk about the huge plastic bag island in a gyre in the middle of the Pacific away from all the major trade routes.  There is a series of 12 videos about a crew of young people and scientists who set out to find it and document it.  I’ve embedded the climactic and most frightening of the 12 episodes.  (Warning:  Colorful language)

I am pleased to note that country after country is jumping on the bandwagon to ban these revolting things in favor of reusables. Ireland banned them nearly a decade ago and businesses did not crash and burn because of it. When will the USA do the smart thing?

350 is the magic number

We have exceeded 350 parts per million (ppm) of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere, and bad things are happening to the planet.   Scientists have determined that below 350 ppm the bad things will reverse. All of humanity should be focusing on what we individually and collectively can do to get that number down to 350 and below.

Food entails a certain carbon foot print. How big is yours? What are you doing to reduce it?

  • Eat less, drink more water.
  • Reusable bags when shopping.
  • Choose local more often than exotic.
  • Choose fresh rather than processed.  Packaging leaves a footprint.

Can you think of more? Please comment and add to the list. Also please spread the 350 word through the grass roots. You are not likely to hear the “powers that be” volunteer anything about it, because that could bring up uncomfortable policy questions for them.