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Nov. 1 Mushroom Foraging

I must have found over a dozen different mushrooms last Saturday.  I found   wolf farts but they were all passe.   The edible ones I found last week were pure white on the inside. Today’s catch were full of olive colored spores. (Yuck.) I found  darker brown ones that were still marshmallowy on the inside, but most of them had started to go kind of chartreuse.  Looked, but didn’t find anymore shaggymanes.  I got yellow fleshed boletes, which can be quite edible (gotta be super careful with those though!) but my specimens were too old to eat, and riddled with funny little bugs.  In the poisonous variety, we tentatively identified the clustered woodlover, naematoloma fasciculare, which can be mistaken for the smoky woodlover (n. capreoles). Also got a bunch of russula, but all were too old to eat, and were mostly the emetica variety,  which would make you throw up if you ate them. I think the ugly foul-smelling little fellows were deadly poison turnip bulb inocybes (inocybe napipes) and those guys shouldn’t even touch mushrooms that you’re going to eat. Also among the other junk I got was a slimy milky cap (dactarius mucidius) and not edible, as well as some agaricus augustus, which would have been edible had they been a bit younger and not contaminated. Oh well, as Thomas Edison once said, you learn as much from failure as you do from success.