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Mega Local Dinner

Foodbuzz had this contest called 24 in 24. You were to plan a big themed thing for 20 Sept, and they would pick 24 people and pay them to do their event and also feature them. Well of course I don’t know the right people or have enough resources to win anything like that, but I thought I’d throw my own mega-dinner anyway and blog the crap out of it. This was also the nomination dinner for my Dork for Pres campaign, where, as predicted, my friends nominated ME, since it was my party after all.

We basically went for lots of different local ingredients, but the preparations were pretty simple, not food porn material I’m afraid, way too down home for that. I’m not really about winning contests. I’m about good cooking, good friends, good food, and good fun. It was!


  • Fajitas modified to include grass-fed local beef, made with local onions, zucchini, and chiles.
  • local organic corn-on-the cob, boiled with butter & salt (I know it’s organic because every ear had a worm!)
  • local organic longbeans, steamed with butter & salt
  • traditional Midwestern cucumber fridge sweet pickle
  • Modified German coleslaw (local chives and cabbage)
  • Mike Beilstein’s back yard applesauce (similar to my sustainable applesauce)
  • Joy Keizer’s backyard zucchini with sundried tomatoes
  • My back yard tomatoes, sliced and garnished with Joy’s backyard basil
  • local organic autumn cup squash, baked (see squash reference for list of winter squash varieties) Autumn cup is so tender you can eat the skin.
  • local organic orange flesh honeydew, cubed
  • apple crisp made with windfall local Gravenstein apples
  • Remedy wine blend from Kathken vineyard
  • Red table wine from Chateau Bianca winery
  • Don Pancho tortillas, HQ’d in Salem, OR
  • Emerald Valley salsa from Eugene OR (just because we happened to have some)