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Aztec Power Chocolate


Aztec Hot Chocolate

This is an adaptation of the original way the Aztecs …

See Aztec Hot Chocolate on Key Ingredient.

This is a power drink for adults. Adjust the chile to your taste/tolerance. It’s vegan if you leave out the dairy ingredients. I actually prefer this chocolate with no dairy.

Nopales en Mole

nopal photo by riverdell.comAs I was making progress towards eating solid foods I suddenly and inexplicably developed a craving for nopales, known to gringos as prickly pear cactus, and not widely eaten by them. Nopales is not really one of my favorite foods, mine or anyone else’s: It is often eaten during Lent in Mexico as a form of penance. I had a jar of canned nopales in the pantry but I wanted fresh. So I sent my long suffering husband out to get some. He probably thought oh no she’s pregnant again.
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Spicy Split Pea Dip

The original recipe of this (from our local newspaper) said you should add the cumin and chiles after cooking the split peas, but I think serranos taste better when they are cooked, more good chile flavor and less throat choking picante. I also was trained to always saute cumin or any of the spices used in curry because heating them brings out their flavor.

My daughter and her teen aged friends were enjoying this after a long summer afternoon indoors playing Dance Dance Revolution. They were dipping raw zucchini strips (from the garden) and black olives, and I believe they eventually rigged up some toasted whole wheat tortillas. So much better for them than fried tortilla chips! I had mine mixed with some cooked quinoa (it seems to need something to give it a little body) and more tomatoes. I love it when we finally have our own garden tomatoes. YUM!

Does your blog have unsavoury "friends?"

Bitter Taste
You are known by the company you keep. If your blog links to a bunch of unsavoury websites it could leave a nasty taste in your visitors’ mouth and tarnish your reputation. Courtney Tuttle put me onto this little tool that crawls your linkees and comes back with a rating. Check out Bad Neighborhood.

Note 1: Bad Neighborhood is heavy-handed. It flags words without regard for context. It crawls the linkee’s entire site, not just the page you linked. You need to take its result with a grain of salt. I have an attribution to a wholesome-appearing WordPress themes site in this blog. Spicy keywords in an entirely different category triggered the alarm. Even the word “ph@rm@c3utic@l$” sets it off –I guess that’s a taboo subject now.

Note 2: Bad Neighborhood just provides results for you to view; it does not produce a badge that you can display.