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Foodbuzz 24,24,24 contest winners

24,24,24 As I mentioned earlier, Food Buzz had a contest where 24 blogs were featured in 24 hours.  The winners were truly magnificent foodiferous events, most thrown by professional foodies with degrees in foodology,   all kinds of connections in the supplier circle, not to mention matching china, mood decor and placemats, all documented by really awesome cameras — some of ’em even take videos.   My own humble little local consolation dinner can’t hold a candle to these folks but it was fun anyway, and normal people might actually be able to duplicate what I do.     The 24 winners’ locations are depicted in the map below.  Just click on any marker to bring up the blurb with a link to the site. Scroll around on the map too; not all of them appear in the initial viewing window.   Spend some time on these, folks! These winners put a tremendous amount of effort into sharing their exquisite food creations with you.