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Mysterious apparition in my kitchen


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The other day I was eavesdropping on a twitter conversation between toonlet and captaincursor where they referred to tortillas and molds and I read fast and thought they were talking about tortilla molds (AKA tortilla presses or tortilleros) or maybe molds that grow on tortillas (which can come in brilliant pinks and greens if you leave the tortilla in a dark damp place long enough.) Such is the power of suggestion!

Sure enough, when I took out my tortilla press, something totally surreal happened! I tried to immortalize it with a toon of my own, but I knew all you shrewd skeptics would only believe photographic evidence. Thanks to the magic of digital photography, we were able to document the apparition! Do not read any more unless you have excellent bladder control!

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Nopales en Mole

nopal photo by riverdell.comAs I was making progress towards eating solid foods I suddenly and inexplicably developed a craving for nopales, known to gringos as prickly pear cactus, and not widely eaten by them. Nopales is not really one of my favorite foods, mine or anyone else’s: It is often eaten during Lent in Mexico as a form of penance. I had a jar of canned nopales in the pantry but I wanted fresh. So I sent my long suffering husband out to get some. He probably thought oh no she’s pregnant again.
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