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Vegetarian Fajitas

If you have hard core carnivores among you, divide the fajitas up and put the mushrooms in one half and the chicken on the other half then everybody’s happy. Or if it’s just one hard core carnivore, throw a little canned chicken in theirs, microwave the plate for 30 seconds and they’ll never know the difference.

The purple bell pepper adds a unique look to this dish.

Vegan Gumbo

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Vegetable Crepes

If you have time, these simple flour+water crepes are absolutely delicious, but warning! they can go wrong, as my daughter found out. She let the batter rest without enough water and it turned into an unusable glop that wouldn’t take any more water. That had never happened to me, and I’ve made these many many times. I would caution you to be sure to wisk enough water into the batter to make a thin batter from the get-go. Luckily we substituted whole wheat flour tortillas and everything was fine.

These crepes are typically served with a sauce, such as our featured creamy mushroom sauce. There will be other sauces coming soon to a blog near you. (Yeah, that would be Dork Chow–Look for some delicious alternatives — as soon as I’ve finished this one I’ll make a different one, OK? You can only eat so much!)

Ingredients for vegetable crepesThe nice thing about embedding the recipes on my blog is that I can wax a bit more eloquent and show you more pictures. Here is a picture of all the beautiful ingredients for these crepes. That light-skinned zucchini is from my garden!

crepe fillingHere is a picture of the filling as it looks before you assemble the crepes. Please let me know how you like this recipe. It’s one of our faves!

This recipe is adapted from Christina Pirello’s Cooking the whole foods way. I don’t often push a book or product, but if you are into healthy eating this book should be a mainstay of your cookbook library. My copy is in shreds!