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Eola Hills Chef gives up salmon recipe

On 24 August we did the Eola Hills Southern route bike tour and I blogged it and took lots of pictures. On 31 August, we did another Eola Hills wine-bike tour, the final one for 2008, only this time it was the northern route, shorter but with lots more challenging hills. I had the opportunity to chat with Steve Richards, the Eola Hills assistant winemaker and chef. At my subscribers’ request, I obtained the recipe for their salmon entree (not pictured in the slide show for the 24 August ride but certainly served at it!!) Steve cautioned me that he never measures anything! We both agreed that measuring was for the first time you make a recipe–once you understand how the recipe works you can just throw on the right quantities of the ingredients. I begged hard for measurements, but he said, you’re a cook too, just tell your blog readers what you would do. So here is Steve Richards’ directions for a delicious baked salmon, reduced to a portion for one family. I give my own approximations for measurements — if these seem crazy to you, then use your common sense. (Sorry, I was unable to capture a picture of this dish; my teenaged daughter co-opted the digital camera for the day)

1 salmon filet
1/2 C Eola Hills Reisling (he was very adamant that it be Eola Hills Reisling)
1/4 C lemon juice
2 cloves Elephant garlic, minced
1/2 tsp lemon pepper
aluminum foil to cover top and bottom of salmon

Rub the filet with the minced elephant garlic and pour on Reisling and lemon juice. Sprinkle on lemon pepper. Enclose in aluminum foil boat, covering both top and bottom and grill until salmon is a lighter color of pink ,( i.e. done), and enjoy. Steve was adamant that you must use FRESH salmon.

Try this and compare it to my tried and true salmon glazing sauce (stay tuned for recipe in upcoming blog post) that I got several years ago from Bay Street Crab Company before they did a business deal and moved downtown.

Eola Hills Bike Tour — Southern Route 2008

Find more photos like this on Great Cooks Community
My husband and I do an August winery food bike tour every August. They are supported bike tours organized by Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, OR. The idea is that you bike through the wine growing country in the Eola Hills and visit the wineries along the route. Most of the neighbor wineries are happy to cooperate and offer special tastings and deals to the cyclists. Airlie Winery is the traditional lunch stop for the southern route. If you happen to purchase any wine along the way, not to worry, the sag wagon comes by after everyone has finished, picks up the purchases and delivers it all back to Eola Hills for pickup. This summer we are doing two trips — we did the southern route on the 24th, and we will do the shorter but much hillier northern route on the 31st. For a slideshow of the actual cycling, it was professionally photographed by Liza Newcombe and you may see the entire trip slideshow at Tom and I are pictured in slides 44,45,51,52,128,215,191, and 262-266.

One of the highlights of these tours is the food at the end. Bicycling builds up an apetite. I snapped pictures of the salads; the angle and lighting wasn’t so good for the main dishes, and of course they have wine with the meal.

Because I like to showcase  various technologies, I uploaded my bike tour food photos to the Great Cooks Ning community. Ning automatically builds a slideshow, and I embedded the resultant slideshow widget here in the blog.
No techie skills necessary — Ning is really awesome that way!!! And by the way I highly recommend the Great Cooks community if you are into cooking. There is always something going on there.

Don’t those look fabulous? Maybe when we show them this posting next week, we can get the Eola Hills chef to give up a recipe or two!