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Pagach: Slovak Cabbage Bread



This is a comforting way to use cabbage. I even …

See Pagach on Key Ingredient.

This pagach recipe requires a block of time but it isn’t really that much work. I tested it on several friends, who compared it to pizza, only out of cabbage. The cabbage takes on a kind of sweetness when cooked slowly. It is really quite delicious, and would make a hearty accompaniment to a spicy soup and green salad meal. All I can say is it didn’t last long around here.

Brewing Your own Beer

Did you ever think of brewing your own beer, but got frightened that it is very difficult or you have to have a lot of fancy gear? Relax. There is some investment in gear but if you use your common sense and can follow directions brewing is a lot of fun. I recommend doing it with friends. FYI: It is perfectly legal for people who are under 21 to buy the supplies and to brew beer. We usually have a brewing dinner/brewing session followed by a bottling dinner/bottling session 10 days to two weeks later after the fermentation is complete. I have an ezine article with the list of gear you need and the basic procedure if you really want to do it, but I know most of you voyeurs really just want to gawk.

Here is the eye candy portion of today’s programming. I recommend viewing it with info on if you want to know what’s going on. In this series we brewed a batch of Porter and a batch of Oatmeal stout. Then everybody went away and did a bunch of other stuff for ten days and changed their clothes, several times each. We reunited when the beer was finished fermenting, and bottled it. It will be ready to drink in another ten days. Slan agaibh!