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Mango Lhassi


Mango Lhassi

delicious Indian yogurt smoothie

See Mango Lhassi on Key Ingredient.

The exception proves the rule. Mangos are hardly local to where I live, but once in a while it’s OK to indulge yourself in something exotic. I trimmed the sweetener from the original and skipped the canned mango in syrup. I serve it with a lemon for extra tartness.

Holy Moses Molly O’Neill found me

This post is for everybody, but especially my Foodbuzz friends. Please read it to the end.

Today I am totally blown away! Here I am this little unknown food blogger ranting on to mostly myself and a few local friends so I can glom the recipes into a nice PDF to give to friends for Christmas and suddenly this person called Adina Genn leaves a comment on my pozole recipe and says she wants to phone interview me about it and and its attendant mole recipe on behalf of the legendery Molly O’Neill.
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