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Get Paid to read my blog

This is an experiment. There is this new company called YouData who will pay you to view ads. In order to get paid to view ads you have to make an account with YouData and they will target ads to your preferences. To get the most and best ads, you tell them what sports you like, and whether you have a dog or not and so forth. They promise they don’t share personal data but they do peg it to your cell phone. No cell phone, I guess that’s just tough tomatoes.

I hate blog ads even static ones because they take up so much space and they are annoying. Plus I absolutely despise Pay To Post, because it alters what the blogger writes. I want to stay pure, but dang….. I do need money to keep buying the ingredients for the delicious dork chow that I blab about regularly. Youdata don’t exert any editorial pressure on the bloggers. I still write whatever I want whenever I want, which I hope is what you want. In this setup, you bring your own ads in and just read them in the widget I have here. I figure they will be slightly less annoying because

  • they will be personalized to you
  • you don’t have to even look at ’em if you don’t want to.
  • most of all, you get paid to see ’em!

But if you do read ’em via my widget, I get a tip too.  I have concerns about how well this will work but for what it’s worth, here’s a YouData Widget: