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Interactive Chile Poster

My apologies everyone, the chile poster worked inside wordpress on Linux Firefox and other Linux browsers and it works as a standalone in windows and Mac but it does not seem to work for Windows or Macintosh inside of wordpress. I don’t have time to debug it right now so I’ll direct you to that link. Maybe I could put it in an iframe but until I do, See the interactive chile poster here.

Steal this slideshow!

This slideshow came from Chris Jordan‘s “Running the Numbers” art exhibit. I hope Chris doesn’t mind me spreading a little snippet of his message, and do visit his site — it’s awesome and more than a little frightening. In this excerpt, First you see a nondescript tweedy pattern. Then you see it zoomed in a little more. You wonder. Hmmmm. I wonder what that is. When it finally zooms in close, you realize to your horror that it’s plastic bags. Please take this slideshow and spread it but if you do, leave the attributions please! Here is the code, just cut and paste. If it fails to work leave a comment and I’ll try the alternative way. Thank you.